dimanche 11 mai 2014

Luizo Vega talk about These 5 Projects and More...

Dear Luizo, I know that you have many news since the last interview, so can you tell me more ?

"As you know, i opening my studio in France, Studio V Paris, and we are producing films, documentaries,  photographies,
performances and happening."

"The next 30 may, we present, Sangra Tango, in Le Point Ephémère. Is an art fashion film with the collaboration of Rick Owens and Michelle Lamy." 

"We are shooting a new fashion art film by adidas, Limbo, about dance, sport, and natural ecstasy. It's a very interesting project and it will be finished in August."

"And we are working in 3 films more :
The documentarie N.A.K.E.D"

"The film, the Material Man about a bastard son of Madonna."
"And Santo The Obscene, the new film by Bruce LaBruce.
All this projects will be finished this year. So we are very excited about the idea to send all the projects for the differents festivals around the world."

"So, for this year we have 5 projects and for the next year we have 7 new ones."
Thanks a lot Luizo for this confidences, can't wait to see your work ! 
Credits : Michal Konsewicz, Gabriela Ruiz Diaz, Kiko Dionisio, Fermin Juarez, Jesus Lucia, Pierre et Gilles, Bruce LaBruce, I-D Magazine & Luizo Vega.

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